Clothing INC Stories

First Impressions from Central Michigan University i​s dedicated to helping students understand the importance of making a good “first Impression” through educating and providing appropriate attire. All CMU students are eligible to apply and can request clothing simply by filling out a request form and indicating why that he/she requires business attire. Clothing INC provides clothes to this amazing program and First Impressions sends students to Clothing INC as volunteers. This partnership builds team skills and provides real life career experience.

Central Michigan University Classes: Beginning in the fall of 2015, Dr. Hicks (CMU Business Professor) assigned a team of students to assist in the building of Clothing INC as a business. Students developed the logo for Clothing INC, designed signage for the Closet (inside and outside of the building), developed business cards, letterhead stationery, tax exempt donation letter, reorganized the men’s, women’s and children’s store rooms, began painting and provided help in attaining the 501c3 tax exempt status. This fall (2016), a fashion class will partner with Clothing INC to design floor plans for our new building project which is in the fundraising process. CMU students also spend countless hours volunteering and sorting clothes. They are a great asset!

Young people:from Immanuel Lutheran and Mt. Pleasant Nazarene under the direction of their leaders volunteer to sort clothes and organize Clothing INC for the guests to receive clothes. These young people learn the value of volunteering, develop empathy for those in need, learn job skills, team skills, discipline and career skills that will assist in success for future jobs. Clothing INC works closely with ​Pregnancy Centers in Isabella and Gratiot Counties by providing clothing from Newborn through size 2T for boys and girls. Mom’s to Mom provide great clothing for us to gift back to moms who are in need of clothing for their child.

Online orders have been placed by area elementary and middle schools for children needing clothes. Teachers or volunteers may place an order and request it to be delivered or pick it up themselves. Commission on Aging volunteers also have access to this link for the people they assist. Women’s Aid Protective Services uses our closet for all clients that come to them with no clothing. This has become a valuable resource for those who have been abused or need protective services.

Shepherd Clothing INC is a satellite closet that began in early 2016. Volunteers from the United Methodist Church in Shepherd, Michigan attend the area food pantry giveaways, meet their guests, get sizes of guests who need clothes, come to Clothing INC to get the clothes then gift them to the families requesting the clothes. Volunteers have amazing stories of needs that have been met.

Manpower and Michigan Works are agencies that work to provide job opportunities for area unemployed. Both agencies send their clients to Clothing INC for interview clothes enhancing their job possibilities because they are dressed appropriately for the interview. Many of our volunteers are completing ​Community Service Hours at Clothing INC. Volunteers come from many walks of life including retirees, Central Michigan University students, middle school and high school students, eight cap, corrections facility and area businesses. ​

Eydent Insurance Agency allows workers to volunteer biweekly for one hour during the work day and then provides their lunch before returning to work! ​ Volunteers get excited about putting DHS clothing packets of 2 outfits, new underwear, socks, hoodie, pajamas and a toy for foster children for ​Isabella County DHS, Soaring Eagle DHS, Clare DHS and 50 foster families at ​Eagle Village who also care for children from Isabella County. All foster families are invited to Clothing INC for more clothes if they are still in need.

Homeless Shelter has a great partnership with Clothing INC. They assist their clients by giving them information about our closet, bring the guests or send volunteers who receive gloves, hats, socks or whatever the need exists. These guests are so appreciative of the help they receive even though they only take the amount of clothes that they can carry.

Fire Victims also find Clothing INC a source of help at a time when they have nothing. Volunteers are willing to gift whatever the need may be to help our guests to move forward in life.

Ken & Marty's is a 2nd hand store on Broadway that takes our excess clothing and is willing to give out free clothes to people we send to them because they could not visit Clothing INC during the hours we are open. They also have assisted fire victims and others who had been in need. We thank them for their partnership.

Clothing INC Stats

  • 2013 was 4771 pieces of clothing gifted to 235 people
  • 2014 was 23,179 pieces of clothing gifted to 637 people
  • 2015 was 38,825 pieces of clothing gifted to 1063 people
  • 2016 was 63,304 pieces of clothing gifted to 1836 people
  • 780 total new appointments from 2015 & 2016 in Clothing INC
  • 472 total return appointments from 2015 & 2016 in Clothing INC
  • 199 giveaways outside of Clothing INC since 2015 gifted 44,761 pieces of Clothing (food pantries, school online orders, rags to auto mechanics and factories, etc)
  • Since Feb 2013, 130,079 pieces of Clothing gifted