Our Roots

In 1932 a group of people with a shared vision for allowing Jesus to transform the heart gathered together to plant a church. They believed that the message of Jesus transformed life. The life to which Jesus calls us is a life of holiness, and by his power alone are we able to live holy lives. It was this group that brought First Church to life in Mount Pleasant in October of 1932. The church was formally organized as a Church of the Nazarene in 1933. 

It was a time of political change, economic hardship, and unemployment. In spite of these things, the congregation took a leap of faith and purchased an empty building. Under the direction of Pastor H.L. Beadle they dismantled it, moved it, and rebuilt it on the corner of Livingston and Broadway. They had been meeting in a store front building on Michigan Street and had eighteen charter members. 

The Beadles left for another pastorate in 1935, but when they retired ten years later, they returned to Mount Pleasant and were part of the church until their deaths.

After 80 years of ministry in the community, the church once again finds the country in a period of unrest - politically, socially, financially and spiritually. The message of the church has not changed. Jesus is still the answer.

Through the years, the church has adapted to changing times with a never-changing Christ. While methods have changed the message remains the same. While music style has changed the message remains the same. The church still engages in outreach into the local community as well as the world as it embraces people right where they are in life.

The church today has a great hope for what lies ahead. The world in which we live has its struggles. That never changes. If there is any hope of transformation and reconciliation it starts with a heart transformed and reconciled to Jesus.