At MPNazarene we live to love Jesus and embrace people. It is our mission to be a family passionately worshipping God in spirit & truth. We worship by gathering, growing, giving, and going to restore people to their right relationship with God & others.



    Gathering together happens on Sunday mornings and throughout the week as we come together for services, Life Groups, meals, and other ministry opportunities. We come together because we recognize life is meant to be lived together.

  • GROW

    God wants to transform our lives through community and equip us to live a life that gives hope and life to others. There are various opportunities throughout the week and year for you to join with others to grow in faith, love, and purity.

  • GIVE

    We understand that God has blessed every person with passions, gifts, and resources to be used to bless others. Through our time, talents, and treasure we give as part of the great mission of God to redeem and transform the world around us.

  • GO

    The walls of the church are the beginning of our life in the world. We gather to be resourced and transformed so as we go we do so with God-sized potential. Going takes on so many different different forms. Whatever the form may be, we go because our God goes to great lengths to interact with creation.