Lead Pastor

We are currently seeking who God has for Ministry here at MPNazarene.

If you're feeling God lead you, please submit a resume to: 

District Superintendent  Dr. Woodie Stevens DistrictOffice@minaz.org

Jeremiah 29:10-13

Danny Bledsoe

Pastor Danny Bledsoe is originally from southwest Michigan and is married to  Sara Bledsoe. We are thankful that God has called them to MPNazarene as we wait for the arrival of who God has called to lead MPNazarene next. 



Ministry @ MPNAZARENE: 

I became a member of this church several years ago. Areas I have served — the ICRH shelter, PK K-5, Communion and currently as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator.


I am mom to three grown children — Tim, Becky & Luke — who have blessed me with 8 grandchildren in Illinois, Ohio and Michigan (go Blue). I cherish every opportunity to be with any of them.  I live with my daughter Becky and her husband, Tobias, and their three children: Calvin, Titus and Lucy.  I have a rich life!

Faith Journey: 

I was raised in an Irish Catholic family on the north side of Chicago (having moved there from my birthplace — Green Bay, WI when I was five). I remember always loving God and thinking about ways to serve Him.   After marrying, I became part of a Mennonite community in rural Ohio and found out I could have a personal relationship with Jesus and because of that, I could know I would be with Him in heaven!  I was baptized as an adult believer and began my new journey. There were major kinks in my journey with Him and I strayed for a time.  In 2008, the Holy Spirit settled into my heart and led me to a richer, more spirit-filled and humbling time with our God.  He has been gentle, firm, patient and a balm to my soul.  As He healed my soul, He also healed my body to get me ready to serve — like I used to think about as a child!  However, now, instead of becoming a nun ;), He got me ready to serve the children of our church — caring for, teaching, and discipling them to serve one day (actually nun’s do that too)!  So, He gave me the desires of my heart at age 71!!


I LOVE to be with my family, read, watch movies and spend time with good friends. And, of course, I love kids ;) 

Random Fact: 

I am one of eight children. 



Ministry @ MPNAZARENE: I started attending MPNazarene in September 2017. I began working in the church office on

May 1, 2018 as the secretary.

Family: I married my husband Ryan on April 22,2005. 

We have 5 beautiful daughters.

Faith Journey: I did not grow up in a Christian home, and only had a vague understanding of who God was. I started attending church regularly at 15 when I was placed in my last foster home. My foster mother accepted me for who I was, and she began planting seeds that God had something more for my life. However, I never really knew what a real relationship with God looked like until I was 24. I was baptized shortly after in March of 2006. Since then I have chose to be a continuous work in progress, always being molded by God's love, grace, and will for me. 

Hobbies:  Eating tacos, napping, and

spending time with family & friends.

Random Fact:  I am afraid of doilies.



Ministry @ MPNAZARENE: 

My family has attended MPNazarene since 2012,  and began working at the church since 2015.


I have been married to my husband Josh since 2005. We have two great kids Bailey & Taylor.

Faith Journey: 

I grew up in a Christian home, and attended church regularly growing up with my aunts. I accepted Christ when I was 5 and was baptized. I continued to go to church all through school & adulthood. I cannot remember a time without God in my life.


I enjoy shopping, spending time with my children & other peoples children who we are close with. I also like spending time outdoors. 

Random Fact:  

I fully support divided plates, because no two foods should ever touch.

Clothing Inc Staff

  • Kaye Peasley

    Executive Director

    Ministry @ MPNAZARENE: I have served in many ministries including choir, worship team, small groups, teaching and serving on the board. 

    Currently God has called me to fulfill the mission of Matthew 25:40 through Clothing INC (Clothing in the Name of Christ).

    Family: My husband and 2 sons became a part of MPNAZ in 1990. 

    Faith Journey: God has had my heart since I was 5 years old. My walk with Jesus continues to grow daily. He has been my refuge and strength through many major illnesses (including Cancer three times), life issues and battles. Hearing stories of Clothing INC guests and volunteers that focus on loss of income, health, and possessions allows me to share the hope and promises that Christ gives me daily. God truly is my refuge and strength!

    Hobbies: As a music educator for 25 years, I found that God's gift of music continues to be a career and a hobbie. I enjoy teaching lessons to students of all ages. I occasionally direct musicals at the Broadway Theater in Mt Pleasant. Two nights each week, I love being involved with the Area Interfaith Ministries that allows me to lead disabled adults in worship while providing opportunities of music therapy at the same time.

    Random Fact: I have been teaching piano for over 51 years.

Board Members


Jason Connors


Shawn Capen

Kate Connors

Mary Jean Mallo

Trustee & Finance

Jim Capen

Adam Kent

Betsy Moore

Boards purpose

At MPNazarene our board is made of elected officials chosen from our current members prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, who serve a term of 3 years. They help oversee that the Mission and Vision of MPNazarene is carried out in all areas of ministry.